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About Us

River City Carnival is headquartered and operates exclusively in Nebraska. We live and work here, and we take pride in living the Good Life. 

Safety First!

Safety is a way of life at River City Carnival. Our NAARSO (National Association of Amusement Ride Safety Officials) certified inspector is also certified in operations, and is onsite daily working alongside our crew to maintain the highest standards in inspection and ride operation procedures. 

Outdoor Amusement Professionals

Our team takes pride in being professional on every level, from the office staff to ride attendants. 

Our workers are in uniform with the River City Carnival logo clearly visible at all times while the Midway is open, making it easy to identify us! 

If you have a question while you are on our midway, there is always someone available in the ticket booth or on the midway to help you!

What Can I Ride?

Amusement Ride height requirements safety rules regulations carnival ride list

Each ride has not only height requirements, but also other safety regulations that must be followed. Please follow the instructions of the ride operator, as well as the rules on the safety signs outside each ride and attraction. Please note that not every ride is available at every event. 

Elephants 36" Minimum

Rock 'n' roll  38" Minimum

Merry go round 32" min 50" Max

Whirlwind  42" minimum 

Paratrooper 42" minimum *No SIngle Riders*

Zero Gravity 48" minimum

Ferris Wheel 36" minimum

Dis*coRound 48" minimum

Rock o Plane  42" minimum *No Single Riders*

Happy Swing 36" minimum

Motorcycles 34" minimum

Piggy Train   38" minimum

Safari Train 36" minimum

Barnyard 40" minimum

Red Baron Planes 36" minimum 

Ladybugs 36" minimum

Vegas Chase 42" minimum 

Candyland 36" minimum 

Cycloid 42" minimum 

Octopus 42" minimum 

Super Jet 40" min 60" max

Roll o Plane 42" minimum *No Single RIders*

Parade Cars 36" minimum 

Play station 36" minimum 

Bulgy the Whale 36" minimum 

Dizzy Dragons 36" minimum

Jungle Train 36" minimum 

Slide 36" minimum 

Musical Chairs 40" minimum 

Trackless Train 36" minimum

Bounce Houses 36" min 48" max 

Inflate Slide 40" minimum

Persian Kamel 40" minimum 

*This list is subject to change at any time and any signage located ON the ride supersedes this listlistsupersedeslistlistsupersedes


FAQ Carnival questions safety pricing amusement ride help

You have questions, and we have answers! Please feel free to send us an email at if your question is not answered here!

I am almost tall enough to meet the height requirement, why won't the operator let me ride?

Each ride has safety and height regulations that are put in place by ride manufacturers to ensure the safety of every rider. The operator isn't just being mean- they are just following the rules and keeping you safe!

Will the rides continue to operate in the rain?

This depends on a variety of factors. Some rides and attractions cannot operate in any type of rainy situation, while others may be able to continue to operate under light rain conditions. We do keep a close watch on the weather, and in the event of any potentially hazardous weather, we will close.

How tall do I have to be to buy an armband?

We generally do not recommend the purchase of an armband for anyone under 36 inches. 

How can I get River City Carnival to come to my town/fair/festival/event?

Send us an email at or see our contact section.

Can I purchase tickets/food/play games with my credit or debit card?

We do not have the ability to process credit or debit cards at this time, but we do generally have an ATM onsite.

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